Saturday, March 17, 2012

Warm, breezy. Scattered showers, 80 degrees.
Yes, that's right, 80. It's been unseasonably warm here for most of the week. Hot, actually. We've peeled the plastic off the windows and thrown them open. These temps are almost double the normal temps for this time of year. It's kinda nice in March, but would certainly be unwelcome even a month from now. Hope it's just a fluke. But it does look like a definite pattern of some sort, since this has hung with us for so long already, and the 7-day forecast shows no variation from it.
It's hard to know whether to plant now... it certainly feels like late April around here, which is when we normally plant lots of things in the garden. But even then we know we have to watch out for late frosts. The pasture is starting to grow. I'm really glad we got the cows off it when we did last week. We should still be experiencing freezing temps, but we haven't had that for many days. We are also down in total snowfall.

The puppies have turned three weeks old! Their eyes are open and they can hear now. We have just started them on solid food. Here they are getting their first taste of Puppy Mush.

They are quickly out growing their little pen! We are enjoying every minute with these little stinkers. They are just a pleasure to watch. And now they are learning to really vocalize, and it's hard to describe how cute a tiny baby bark or growl is, but it makes us smile and laugh every time!

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