Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Well it's been a busy Spring as usual around here. Life is teeming around us! Baby calves, pigs, puppies! It's keeping us hopping!
Dottie's puppies are growing so very fast! Hard to believe but they will be ready to leave the nest this next week! It will be hard to say goodbye to these little sweeties. But we know they are going to good homes.Dottie is SUCH a good mom! She just loves these puppies. Even now at almost 8 weeks, she watches over them, and she plays with them,teaching them how to play gently, steal gloves and dig holes! When she heard me mention the other night that they were all leaving, I can't describe the look of betrayal on her face... gulp.

Just last week our Hereford cow calved. She had a boy calf, it happened to be we named him Peter Cottontail, naturally!

The day after he was born,
our sows Icy and Ridgett both went into labor together and on Monday morning they had 17 pigs between them. Nice going girls! We were concerned about one little gilt being more chilled than the others, so we made her a little coat :) Yes, that's a sock. It worked!

The lawn tractor has had more than it's fair share of my attention the last two weeks, and still it refuses to mow my grass. The big tractor is unhappy, too, just won't hold oil pressure. Could be a major fix :(
So for all the stressful mechanical problems cropping up, life does more than go on around here. It just about climbs right up and over you! Oh, and I agree with the late Charles Schultz - happiness is a warm puppy.