Monday, November 23, 2009

Chore list

foggy and cool, 45 degrees

Got some stuff done this last Saturday, not everything I had wanted to.

What did I get done?

  • Finally built a shelf that I've been needing in the garage

  • Stowed away the new, big coolers I bought the other day

  • Moved some big rocks from the melon patch to the perennial garden

  • Cleaned up the flower bed in front of the garage in preparation for winter

  • Tidied up around the compost bins, added more plant material

  • Talked to a neighbor who stopped by to talk about a holiday sale down the road

  • Smoked up a bunch of ribs on the cold smoker

  • Cleaned out the broiler pen in the barn, consisting of about 12 wheelbarrow loads of broiler litter

  • Turned the compost pile with the tractor loader

  • Changed the oil in the car

  • Did some laundry

  • Picked up the garden area

  • Organized some old magazines and periodicals

What didn't I do??

  • I didn't get to the paperwork I wanted to do, bills, etc. Why? Because I'd rather shovel manure than do paperwork.

  • I didn't clean the house like I wanted to. Why? Because I'd rather change the oil on a car than clean the house.

  • I didn't post a blog. Why? because I ran out of time.

  • I didn't completely clean out the big barn. Why? See the above.

  • I didn't even begin to clean the pole barn. Why? See above.

  • I didn't change the oil on the tractor. Why? Not enough time.

  • I didn't put the door back up on the basement cellar stairs. Ran out of time.

  • I didn't vacuum, or put away laundry, or mulch the garlic, or really a hundred other things that it even takes too much time to think of!

I always wonder what non-rural types do with their time off. What did you do this weekend?

1 comment:

lovey said...

baked a lot. went shopping in anticipation of thanksgiving. visited family. baked some more. laundry.

your list is far more impressive